Online Music Lessons


We are excited to be able to offer online lessons with our teachers to students anywhere in the world!

Online lessons are available in piano, violin, viola, cello, flute and voice for all ages and levels.

Here are some important things to note to be prepared for virtual lessons:

  • You and your teacher can decide on which platform will work best to conduct your online lesson. Options include Zoom, FaceTime & Skype.

  • Your teacher will be in contact in advance of your first lesson to confirm details of establishing contact virtually.

  • Here are some tips for the best online lesson experience:

    • Please adjust the camera so that the student’s whole body/instrument can be seen.

    • Please have all music books, assignment books, pencil and metronome ready.

    • Please prepare the room to be as quiet and interruption-free as possible.

    • Be prepared for the first virtual lesson to have a few bumps with technology – it may take a few tries and some adjustments before smooth sailing!

    • Be mindful of lighting, mics and speakers so that it’s easy to see and hear each other.

  • Still have questions, or need help with getting set up? Contact us at

  • Wondering if online lessons will really work? Please read this useful article.

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