2018 - 2019
Private Music Lesson Agreement and Studio Policies

Welcome to Soulfege Music Studio. At Soulfege Music Studio, we nurture creativity, build confidence and foster a lifelong love of music in all students. We love hearing our students become better musicians and want you and your students to enjoy making music as much as we do.  It is our commitment to provide your child with the highest quality education experience that we can imagine.  Our experienced and qualified teachers reserve time on their schedules, plan lessons, and invest in the long-term development of each student.  

To provide regular, quality lessons we ask that the following policies are observed.

All of us at Soulfege Music Studio are excited to be a part of your child’s musical journey!  
Thank you, and welcome aboard!


Tuition is charged at a flat monthly rate that remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in a given month.  The tuition is based on a 36-week lesson calendar and already takes into account holidays. The monthly payment amount is divided evenly between the 9.5 months from September 1st to June 15th and covers 4 lessons per month in the average.  The month of June, tuition will be prorated for 2 weeks.  There is a one time registration fee of $25 per student.  

The 12-month calendar year is split into two semesters and the summer:

Semester 1 :September 1st 2018  – January 31st 2019
Semester 2: February 1st 2019 – June 15th 2019
Summer: June 16th - August 31st
Summer lessons are highly encouraged but scheduled based on teacher and student availability and are optional.  A minimum of 4 lessons are required that can be spread out over the summer break and do not have to be consecutive.  Additional lessons are also possible based on teacher availability.  Please note, there are no make-ups or refunds for the summer session.

Tuition reserves your weekly time slot and studio membership. It also covers the cost of:

  • Time spent in preparation for the student (trips to the music store, individualized lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of curriculum, etc)

  • Travel time to your home and travel related expenses

  • Recitals (Facility rental, preparation, programs & supplies)

  • Studio expenses

  • Continuing education, professional development opportunities, conferences

  • Professional Organization Memberships (Memberships are maintained by the teacher to enhance their teaching skills)

  • Teacher training and experience

  • Fees for experienced and seasoned teachers

*Please note that for all non-piano students participating in recitals, there will be a small fee to cover the cost of our piano accompanist to rehearse prior to the recital and for the accompaniment at the recital.  This fee will be billed in addition to the monthly fee during the recital month.  


  • You will receive an invoice each month on the 25th. Tuition is due on the 1st of the following month. If payment is received after the 5th, a $20 late fee will automatically be assessed.

  • Payments for the summer session (min 4 lessons) will be added to your June invoice due on June 1st. Any additional lessons will be will be billed individually and payment will be due before each lesson.

  • Payments can be made through the following methods: Paypal, Apple Pay & Zelle

During Semesters 1 & 2 lessons will follow the public school calendar and most studio breaks coincide with the school systems in this area to allow for travel and seasonal activities, but some holidays (e.g. Columbus Day, President’s Day) are not observed and lessons will occur. Students are responsible for regular attendance for all other dates unless otherwise indicated by the studio.  

These are the Holidays the studio observes and no lessons will take place (unless as a makeup and are subject to teacher availability): 
July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break & Memorial Day

Our teachers invest a great deal of time and energy preparing and traveling to the lesson. Like other professional services, we reserve the designated lesson time especially for you or your child, and your instructor cannot fill in your absence with another student which makes it a double loss, however: 

  • Each student will be allowed a maximum of 2 rescheduled lessons per semester. Cancellation notice must be given at least 24 hours in advance in order to qualify for a make-up lesson. Your teacher will do their best to reschedule a missed lesson at a mutually convenient time. A make up lesson can be scheduled anytime before the current semester ends. If you have multiple students in one home and one student is unable to attend the lesson, the entire duration of the lesson can be used for the student(s) present. Scheduled make-up lessons will not be rescheduled for any reason.

  • If an in-home make-up lesson cannot be scheduled, a teacher may suggest an alternative make-up option at the teacher discretion and choice:

    • Lesson via Skype or FaceTime. This is a valuable way to keep your individual lesson time and avoid rescheduling.

    • Video Lesson: Student can record a video of their practice session and share it with their teacher via Youtube or Dropbox and teacher will record a lesson video response within 48 hours. It is critical this option is arranged in advance with the teacher.

  • Further cancellations beyond the two missed lessons or lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be considered forfeit.

  • Same day cancellations are ineligible for makeup lessons except in emergency situations.

  • Emergency situations do not include sporting events, field trips, appointments, extracurricular activities, vacation, etc.

In the event a student is sick or otherwise unable to attend lessons, the above makeup options are a wonderful alternative. A Skype lesson is not wasted time, as there are plenty of musical activities that can be accomplished through video lessons, and can be an excellent option for busy families when rescheduling poses a challenge. There is no pro-rating for Skype or Video lessons.  If you have multiple students in one household, it’s possible to use the sick student’s time with the other siblings.

In case of severe winter weather, lessons will be held or cancelled at the discretion of the teacher. If the teacher feels unsafe or roads are unfit for travel, the teacher reserves the right to cancel lessons. Any cancelled lessons due to inclement weather will be made up via the above alternative options.  

Your teacher will adhere to the same 24-hour notice policy and will reschedule the missed lesson per their availability.  If a make up lesson cannot be scheduled within the semester or via the alternative options, you will be issued a refund for teacher absences.

Soulfege Music Studio provides students with opportunities to perform in formal recitals twice a year as well as small informal community events throughout the year. Recitals are a terrific way for students to stay motivated, build confidence, master performance anxiety and show off their hard work. Participation is voluntary but highly encouraged for students of all levels. Teachers work with their students to choose repertoire and even help compose original pieces!  

Soulfege Music Studio often takes photos and videos during recitals and lessons and sends out a yearly greeting card using the images of students.  These images/videos are also used for promotional purposes on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo and on our website: www.soulfegemusicstudio.com.  Students are identified only by first name.  If you do not want  your child’s image(s) to be used, please let us know by email. The commencement of lessons is deemed acceptance of these terms.


  • A parent or an adult must be on site for the duration of every lesson. The instructor will not continue a lesson if there is no adult in the home.

  • The student is expected to be prepared with all materials handy for each lesson before the instructor arrives.

  • The student is expected to practice regularly and complete all assignments each week. Your instructor will inform you of the expected practice amount for each student individually.

  • The student is expected to be an active participant in the lesson.

  • The student is expected to show respect for the instructor and poor behavior may result in an early stop to the lesson

  • The student is expected to participate in recitals (2 recitals are offered each year).

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to purchase recommended materials for lessons.

  • Parents support is an extremely important factor in musical training. Students whose parents take an active role in their progress tend to be more enthusiastic and productive.


  • The teacher is expected to attend every lesson on time and with all necessary materials. If the instructor is running late by more than 10 minutes for any reason, this will be communicated to you by a phone call or text.

  • The teacher is expected to explain things in a clear and understandable manner.

  • The teacher is expected to make each lesson enjoyable and rewarding.

  • The teacher is expected to teach the principles of music and instrument so that each student can gain the most out of their musical education.

  • The teacher is expected to prepare students for recitals.

  • The teacher is expected to complete student progress reports bi-yearly.

  • The teacher is expected to be available via phone, email, text and in person to address concerns, questions or general comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and valued. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Students and parents must consent and understand all of these policy obligations.  Adhering to these policies benefits the student as it helps to ensure a consistent schedule and thus ultimately reinforces a disciplined approach to music education. Please understand that these policies are also in place for the protection and insurance of the instructor's livelihoods as well as their time.  

If you intend to stop lessons for any reason, 30 days notice is required. This will give your teacher time to wrap up any assignments, discuss how your student(s) can continue to pursue their musical goals and inform prospective students there is an opening available.  Without 30 days notice, you will be charged a cancellation penalty of one month’s lesson fees.  

Soulfege Music Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with a student for any of the following reasons:

  • Untimely payments

  • Student cancellations or "no-shows" become chronic

  • Lack of interest - student shows no sign of practice or interest in learning

  • Poor attitude - student does not cooperate or is not involved in the lesson

We appreciate you spreading the word about Soulfege Music Studio! For each newly enrolled client that you have referred, we will offer a $25 discount per each new student toward your next monthly payment. Please email us at billing@soulfegemusicstudio.com the name of the family referred to ensure that you receive proper credit. 

We are honored to be a part of your child’s education and holistic development. We do not take our role for granted. We sincerely appreciate you and your families being a part of Soulfege Music Studio.