2017 – 2018
Private Music Lesson Agreement
and Studio Policies


  1. Cancellation of a single lesson must be done no less than 24 hours in advance, with the exception of legitimate emergency situations.  If a student needs to cancel due to illness, the cancellation must be made at least 3 hours in advance by a phone call, text or email on the day the lesson is scheduled. No make-ups will be offered if notified less than 3 hours, unless it is an extreme circumstance. If a lesson is canceled without sufficient notice, it will be considered a “no show” and you will still be charged for the lesson and make-up lessons will be given at the discretion of the instructor.  Instructors are also required to give 24-hour notice for cancellation and are subject to the same terms and conditions.


Emergencies do not include:

  • Forgetting the lesson time or miscommunication with family members about lesson time
  • Sports or extracurricular activity programs
  • Traffic


  1. Payment for the coming month is expected by the due date that appears on your monthly invoice. Your monthly invoice will be sent to you via email detailing the number of anticipated lessons each month.  We will allow a grace period of 15 days. A $20 late fee will be assessed for any late payments received after the 15th of each month.  Reconciliation of total number of billable lessons will be at the end of the month and will be reflected in the following month.


  1. Payments can be made through the following methods:


  • Check (postmarked no later than the 5th of each month) mailed to: 
    Soulfege Music Studio LLC

2246 Washington Ave #101

Silver Spring, MD 20910


  • Venmo @soulfegemusicstudio



  1. If you intend to stop lessons for any reason, 30 days notice is required. Without 30 days notice, you will be charged a cancellation penalty of one month’s lesson fees.


  1. A parent or an adult must be on site for the duration of every lesson.  The instructor will not continue a lesson if there is no adult in the home. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the instructor.


  1. The instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson for any reason. When possible, a makeup lesson will be offered. No charges will be assessed if the instructor must cancel the lesson.


  1. In the case of inclement weather and school closures, please do not assume that school cancellations automatically mean that lessons will be canceled. It is up to the discretion of the instructor to determine if they can travel to teach the lesson.  Your instructor will notify you of their status.  The following holidays are observed: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.  Lessons will be held on all other school holidays unless a prior agreement for cancellation has been made between the student and instructor.  Please give advance notice to us at and your instructor if you wish to cancel lessons on any holidays not listed.  


  1. Please allow for a window of 5-10 minutes for your instructor to arrive for the lesson as traffic conditions sometimes are unpredictable.  


Student & Parent Expectations:

  1. The student is expected to practice regularly and preferably daily.  Your instructor will inform you of the expected practice amount for each student individually. Typically a minimum practice length is equal to the the length of the lesson except for beginners.  Please ask your instructor for their recommendation.  


  1. The student is expected to have all materials at each lesson (music stand, notebook for writing down weekly assignments and all music books)


  1. It is the parent’s responsibility to purchase recommended materials for lessons. Purchasing recommended materials for your student promptly will greatly aid in their progress.


  1. The student is expected to be an active participant in the lesson.


  1. The student is expected to show respect for the instructor and poor behavior may result in an early stop to the lesson.


  1. The student is expected to have fun in their lessons and in their personal practice.  Music is supposed to be enjoyable!


  1. The student is expected to participate in recitals (2 recitals are offered each year).


  1. Parents are expected to encourage regular student practice.



Teacher Expectations:

  1. The teacher is expected to attend every lesson on time and with all necessary materials. If the instructor is running late by more than 10 minutes for any reason, this will be communicated to you by a phone call or text.


  1. The teacher is expected to explain things in a clear and understandable manner.


  1. The teacher is expected to make each lesson enjoyable and rewarding.


  1. The teacher is expected to teach the principles of music and instrument so that each student can gain the most out of their musical education.


  1. The teacher is expected to be available via phone, email, text and in person to address concerns, questions or general comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and valued. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Students and parents must consent and understand all of these policy obligations.  Adhering to these policies benefits the student as it helps to ensure a consistent schedule and thus ultimately reinforces a disciplined approach to music education. Please understand that these policies are also in place for the protection and insurance of the instructor’s livelihoods as well as their time.  


Soulfege Music Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with a student for any of the following reasons:

  • Student cancellations or “no-shows” become chronic
  • Lack of interest – student shows no sign of practice or interest in learning
  • Poor attitude – student does not cooperate or is not involved in the lesson
  • Lack of respect for the instructor
  • Untimely payments


We sincerely appreciate you and your families being a part of Soulfege Music Studio.