Reasons to continue music lessons during the Summer:

  1. RETENTION: To help keep what they learned. This is possibly the most important reason to continue music learning through the summer months. Each year your child learns new skills in their music lessons, which is essential to their growth as a musician, these are quickly and easily lost when time off is taken.

  2. LESS DEMANDS: Without the pressure and time demands of school, homework and other activities not offered in the summer, there is more time to focus on learning and practice.

  3. OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Without the distractions of school and other activities, there is a chance to learn a new skill that there may not be time for during the year, like theory or sight reading. Music lesson time can be doubled up to allow more time to focus on some of the more complex topics.

  4. DISRUPTION IN PRACTICE: One may think that students can just practice what they have learned all year over the summer. But often times, without the expectation that what is being taught in a music lesson will need to be learned over the week, practice time can go by the wayside.

  5. MORE FLEXIBILITY: If you are concerned that music lessons will not fit into your summer plans (vacation, summer camp, etc), we will work with you to come up with a custom schedule to fit your needs, be it doubling up on music lessons, or having a substitute teacher.

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We would like to sign up for the summer semester (June 16th - August 31st 2019) *
There is a requirement of a minimum of 4 lessons for the summer session. They do not have to be consecutive and will be scheduled according to teacher/student availability. For current students, your June invoice will be pro-rated for 2 lessons plus the Summer Lesson Package you choose. Additional lessons can be added and scheduled subject to teacher availability and will be billed individually. If your regular teacher is unavailable, it is possible a suitable substitute teacher will be provided. Please note, there are no make-ups or refunds for the summer session. Please select an option.