Parent and Student Testimonials

“Our three kids have been taking piano and violin lessons from Nistha for the last four years and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the way they have developed over that time. Nistha is an extremely gifted artist and teacher and has a knack for making kids enjoy learning in a pressure free environment. She customizes her classes for each kid and paces her lessons based on their interest. We have also very much enjoyed the recitals and seen our kids grow in confidence year after year. It has been great watching Nistha launch and grow her music studio and we we wish her continued success”.
- Aki & Namrata J.

“Nistha Raj has been an outstanding instructor to our children. My nine year old son was taking lessons with another instructor before Nistha and even though he had started with the desire to learn violin, lost interest quickly. Then Nistha was recommended to us by another parent and he is now not only enjoying learning and playing violin, but has had a few recitals as well. All that within a year and a half. Our six year old started with Nistha from the beginning and he is able to play and enjoy his lessons within a year of instruction. She is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person who connects with her students.”
- Angeliki E.

“My daughter really enjoyed her lessons with the teachers at Soulfege Music Studio. They provided excellent, honest feedback, improving her level of playing faster than previous instructors. My daughter also found them patient and remarked on how clearly her teacher explained everything related to playing the violin. We would highly recommend Soulfege Music Studio!”
-Allison M.

“Nistha is an outstanding piano teacher and mentor. Equally important is her capacity to coach, instruct, and inspire her young students through her own love of music. Her teaching style is the perfect balance between warm and pleasant, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress, and motivation for the kids to do their utmost best with every piece. We are extremely pleased with how well our two children play the piano and understand music theory.”
- Lydia N. 

"You know that you have a amazing music teacher when after a long day at school and finishing homework after school your kids are voluntarily practicing their musical instruments every afternoon in order to be prepared for their weekly lesson with their Soulfege music teacher, Ms. Integriti Reeves. Integriti brings an infectious enthusiasm every day and has such great patience and unique teaching skills that the improvement in our children's abilities as little musicians is remarkable! She instills them with such confidence in their musical abilities and it is a joy to watch them develop."
- Danielle and Matt C.

“My daughters Medha and Reya have been taking violin lessons from Eugene Kim of Soulfege Music Studio for a few months now. I am seeing significant improvement in my kids abilities under Eugene’s guidance. Eugene is a wonderful teacher who is not only energetic and encouraging but also has tons of patience which is a must for every teacher of young musicians. My kids are enjoying his lessons and we love that he can offer lessons at the convenience of our home. I would strongly recommend Eugene to anyone planning on taking violin lessons.”
- Soumya K.

“What I like best about lessons is that Mr. Kim uses some humor while teaching and isn’t so strict. What I like best about Mr. Kim is that he is patient and understanding if you didn’t have time to practice one day. But I always practice.”
- Tobin W. (age 9)

“Mr. Kim has a wonderful disposition. When we open the door for him he is always in a good mood that is contagious. There is something about him that just his presence makes us feel good. My son enjoys with lessons with Mr. Kim very much and I am just so happy to have found such a wonderful instructor for my son. Besides being a wonderful violin instructor, Mr. Kim is also teaching my son life lessons. He is such a good influence on kids.”
- Luiza W.

“My daughter has learned so much from Ms. Raj.  She has introduced my daughter to beautiful pieces of music and has patiently coached her as my daughter learns how to play them”
- Anne F.

“What I like about Ms.Raj is that she is an excellent teacher and she is patient and friendly with her students. She boosts their confidence and makes sure they are moving ahead in the right direction.”
-Mickey K.